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If You Need High Quality Emblems, Patches, Company Logos, Insignia or Accessories, You Have Come to the Right Place!

Embroidered and Printed Emblems, Patches, Company Loges and Accessories

Welcome to the craftsmen of emblems. GALEMBRO is closely specialized in the production of various embroidered and sublimated emblems, insignia and corporate logos. Send us a vector image of your logo or coat of arms and see how it comes to life on our machines in the form of emblem or advertising accessory with the help of our specialized software. The emblems we produce are laser cut and in addition to those that are intended for sewing can have a heterogeneous packaging part, such as:

  • Velcro, which makes it possible to temporarily adhere and peel off at specially designed locations, extremely popular with military and security sector personnel;
  • high quality and varied silicone thermal backings from established western manufacturers, through which permanent transfer to variety of textile fabrics is possible, both in industrial and domestic conditions using thermal presses or ordinary iron.

In addition, the company offers and produces promotional embroidered calendars, key holders and many more!