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Created With the Love of Folklore and Carrying the Spirit of Bulgarian Traditions

Folk Costumes and Folklore Outfits

National costume as a time machine

Welcome to the world of authentic embroidery

Yes, a garment can tell many stories: about the life of our ancestors, about what sets us apart from other nations, about how we have managed to preserve ourselves as a united nation and kept our culture intact for centuries… You don’t believe it? Our beautiful, traditional garments are great storytellers and their beautiful, authentic and impassive language is called embroidery. Why did we focus on it? Generations of Bulgarians have listened to it whispering back in time, still doing it now, as will for the generations to come. To them it will whisper with its embroidered voice throughout eternity. Rich in dialects, in the form of different, colorful motives from the various ethnographic regions, it will always be the most powerful representative of the traditional Bulgarian life and culture. The symbols that make the Bulgarian embroidery unique and not just decoration, have hidden, encoded messages, protective powers and energy. It, the embroidery, is the most accurate reflection of our identity.

 The high artistic value of our costumes is due to the efforts made with great love by our professional development team. It is supported with numerous publications and published literature in the field. The selection and the right combination of all authentic stitches are reborn in the form of a different story embroidered on each one of our clothes.

No, our clothes are not designed to collect dust in somebody’s wardrobe. Their mission is to be worn, so that they can tell their unique stories through the whisper of their embroidered soul.

Yes, there comfortable and comfortably fitted traditional costumes and outfits, suitable for stage performances. We are presenting them under our own brand. During the design and development of each model and cut, we took into account the expert opinion of leading managers from different folk ensembles. All this, combined with the extremely high quality materials invested with a lot of passion and love in each piece, makes you choose easily the right folk costume for you.

Our portfolio of unique models and products is wide, but we offer development and production at client’s request and according to his individual desires and needs.

 We are extremely happy that our development team works in close collaboration with Stefka Mihaylova, whose expertise we trust fully and unreservedly. You can find more information on the Facebook group “Bulgarian folk embroidery” at https://web.facebook.com/groups/Broderii/

 You can enjoy her handmade embroidery in the gallery below. Dive in the wonderful world of authentic embroidery.

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